2018 Shortlist of finalists


The Tapestry Design Prize for Architects 2018 received design submissions from 98 entrants, of which 25 were from international architects. The judging panel selected 15 finalists. 

The winners will be announced on Thursday 16 August, 6pm at the Australian Tapestry Workshop by David Walsh AO, which also marks the official opening of the exhibition of finalists. More details available here. 


The shortlisted architects are:

3RDRM – Architectural Fragments in the Shadow of Boullée

Aaron Fein – Polaris

Arturo Muela, Paola Ibarra and Daniela Gutiérrez – Colliding Universes in Saint Peter’s Four Meter Woolen Eye

Conrad Gargett – 'Memento Mori.' Remember You Must Die.

Grimshaw – Looking into the Face of God

Kenneth Wong – Naked Wonder

Kevin Liu – After Turrell, Backside of the Moon

Nicholas Miller – Warped Fragments of an Ethereal Nature

Pop Architecture with Hotham Street Ladies – Chaos and Fertility

Qing Ye – Nature

Retallack Thompson – Through to More

SAA. Studio Adrian Aguirre – Delirious Landscape

Sebastian Gatz – Interval

Thingsmatter – Gravity Flower

Toby Beale, Stephen Brameld, Sally Farrah and Tasmin Vivian-Williams – Private Monument