2015 winners


The inaugural 2015 TDPA saw 42 entries received from architects. The judging panel shortlisted these entries down to 12 finalists.

There were joint First Prize winners: John Wardle Architects for Perspective on a Flat Surface and Kristin Green and Michelle Hamer (KGA Architecture) for Long Term Parking. The judges’ decision to award an equal first prize highlighted the strength of the entries, particularly the joint winners.  No second prize was awarded; however, a third prize went to Peter Elliott Architecture and Urban Design. Laura Mártires of Index Architecture received the People’s Choice Award.


John Wardle Architects
Awarded Joint First Prize 

Perspectives on a Flat Surface

The Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza designed by Palladio, houses Vincenzo Scamozzi’s trompe l’oeil street scenes. The design is renowned for creating the exaggerated perspective from each of Palladio’s grand portals.

Our proposal refers to our own exchange between Italy and Australia. A series of imagined sets have been created that reverse Scamozzi’s inverted perspectives, forming a series of picture planes drawn toward the audience.

Each multiplies shifting perspectives across one wall whilst allowing another to exaggerate the proportions of the space. The partial views and variant transmissions of light within each inverted chamber suggest a place that is ‘elsewhere’.



Peter Elliott Architecture and Urban Design
Awarded Third Prize

Concept — Freeway Architecture

As a practice we have a developed interest in urban freeway projects and the language of representation through drawings and photographs. These images capture something of the extreme scale of the freeway within the Australian urban landscape. The concept for the tapestry is based on the idea of the assembly of a series of separate linear strips of images of different lengths. This is not one single tapestry piece but several tapestries that can be assembled in any number of ways. The idea is to produce a new dynamic form of tapestry which communicates design thinking as explored through photographs and drawings.


KGA Architecture (Kristin Green) & Michelle Hamer
Awarded Joint First Prize

Long Term Parking

Green & Hamer explore the long-lasting qualities of tapestry in relation to contemporary disposable architecture and culture.

Drawing on the tradition of collage in architecture to mesh critical ideas together: the temporary Phillip Cox Venice Pavilion in amongst archival footage of the Tent Embassy in the forecourt of Canberra’s Provisional Parliament House and flora grappled with by John Glover collide with the woven wall as tent, -rich in architectural history.  

As tapestries outlast many contemporary buildings, the viewer is invited to question what it means to be temporary, displaced, replaced, be represented, misrepresented and to have longevity.


Index Architecture (Laura Mártires)
Peoples Choice Award

Cities: A definitive archive of infinite possibilities

This is all there was and all there will be.
It is the spatial history of the architect,
An archive of cities lived through the lens of architectural drawing. It is a repository of ideas and possibilities, a machine for the creation of futures;
Saturated with the persistent hope of creativity.

Cities #4 is part of a series of drawings generated through overlaying city maps from all over the world. This process of abstraction allows us to open ourselves to novel ways of drawing the city and carefully selecting novel scales and patterns of potential projections in order to produce imaginary places.



2015 finalists