Justin Hill | 22 Temenggong Road, Twilight

Justin Hill, Kerry Hill Architects22 Temenggong Road, Twilight.jpg


22 Temenggong Road, Twilight is a tapestry designed by Singaporean-based architect and winner of the 2016 Tapestry Design Prize for Architects (TDPA) Justin Hill. Hill impressed the judging panel with the beautiful and intricateness of the design concept, which was based on Hill’s personal experience of living in Singapore. While based on a real home, the layers of blinds and windows conveys a slight impressionist blur to the scene. The design is also characterised by rich, evocative blues that bring luminosity and depth to the artwork.

Speaking of the tapestry, Hill said:The subject is my house, where I lived through my 30s and 40s… The scene is early one evening, taken from an adjusted photograph looking from the garden into my house, when the luminous blue of the short tropical twilight briefly equalises with the light within the house. Only then is the interior of the house revealed through layers of fraying blinds, window mesh, as the layers in the timber framing and walls of the house become visible.

At the centre of the design are two figures depicted as silhouettes. These two figures are based on a photograph of Hill and his mother, taken during a recent family gathering in Tasmania. They appear at the window, as if expectant of visitors. For Hill, this conveys a happy memory of friends and family visiting over decades to his home.

This is the first major tapestry project undertaken by ATW Weaver Interns Karlie Hawking, Leith Maguire and Sophie Morris. Under the supervision of former ATW Head Weaver Sue Batten, Karlie, Leith and Sophie will apply the skills and techniques they have developed during their training to this stunning design. Prior to commencing work on this project, the Weaver Interns undertook extensive sampling and design translation.


About Justin Hill:

Justin Hill is an Australian Architect based in Singapore, where he is a Director of Kerry Hill Architects. Originally from Tasmania, he studied at The University of Adelaide, graduating in 1979. He worked in Adelaide and Darwin before moving to Asia in 1981 to join Kerry Hill in his Singapore practice. He is also a Director of KHA in Perth, Western Australia, and holds practice registrations in Western Australia, the Northern Territory, Tasmania and Singapore.

He is a member of the Singapore Institute of Architects as well as the AIA, and has over the years participated in both Institute’s activities. He joined the IAC in 2010.

Justin also maintains an active role in theatre and stage design. In 1985 he helped found Theatreworks, a Singapore based theatre company, and many of his stage designs for the company have been seen in arts festivals throughout Australia, Asia & in Europe. He also works with dance and opera companies in the region.

He is also a Trustee of a small benevolent foundation in Sri Lanka, which with support from KHA and other donors, built and now operates the Peraliya Community Health Centre in a small coastal village north of Galle, which was very damaged by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

Justin has extensive practice experience in Australia and throughout the South East Asian region, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, China, Egypt, Jordan, and many other countries where he has travelled widely in support of the Practice’s ongoing work.