Meditullium (Deintus) - Heartland (From Within) | J O Y J O Y (Johan Hermijanto + Jonathan Brener + Yue-Ying Tan) 

Canberra is the capital of Australia.

The NGA is the country’s largest art museum.

Terra Spiritus by Bea Maddock

Uluru is a sacred site.
Uluru is a 500 million year old geological formation.
Uluru has seen time before we defined time.
Uluru has seen civilisations come and go.
Uluru is a rock.
Uluru from within.

The geological striations of Uluru is translated into a three-dimensional woven form.

The form is comprised of layered threads, made of pure Australian wool, dyed in gradients of Australian ochres.

Individual threads behave like iron fillings, creating an undulating landscape.

This tactile tapestry is an invitation for the public to interact in an otherwise transitional space.
The soft tactility of the proposition represents a contrast to the enduring hardness of our environment.
Woven along the contours of Uluru.
Providing an unseen perspective of the heartland within.