About the Australian Tapestry Workshop


The Australian Tapestry Workshop (ATW) enjoys an international reputation as a leader in contemporary tapestry. Established in 1976, it is the only workshop of its kind in Australia and one of only a handful in the world for the production of hand-woven tapestries. Artists worldwide are discovering how this traditional medium can be used in completely new ways, and the ATW is in the vanguard of this revival.

The Australian Tapestry Workshop uses the traditional handmade Gobelins technique, which dates back to 15th-century Europe. With care, fine tapestries live for centuries, maintaining their sensual richness and warmth, long outlasting many other art forms.

All ATW tapestries are woven in-house by our highly skilled weavers. They are produced in accordance with our uncompromising standards of craftsmanship and are unique, original art works. We use the finest Australian wool, dyed on the premises, which gives limitless interpretive possibilities.

On the commencement of a tapestry commission, ATW weavers collaborate closely with the designer to make all decisions regarding colour, material, density and detail before weaving begins. The final placement of the tapestry plays a key role in these decisions as they will greatly influence the role of light and sound in the space. During this period of decision-making a series of samples will be made. All samples are kept in an archive which weavers often refer back to when beginning a new commission.

Once the technique and material decisions are made the weavers make the interpretive decisions as expert artist weavers.